December 16th: Joy

Can you have joy if you’re not happy?

I’ve known some people whose hearts are filled with joy despite great struggle.  I’ve known some people who we’d count very blessed with not an ounce of joy.  It’s said the devil comes to steal our joy.  How do we keep joy in our hearts regardless of what we face?

See y’all Sunday!

Pastor T


Thursday Breakfast

How about breakfast? Why not?

We have partnering with the Breakfast Ministry of Covington to provide food for those in the community who would otherwise go without the most important meal of the day.   Come and eat with the community on Thursday morning. The meal is free and served in our fellowship hall. (Use entrance in the back of the church)

Looking for a place to volunteer and connect with the community?

This is a great way to plug into the heart of Covington! Be the hands of Christ by meeting the needs of the ones who need it the most.  Join us on Thursday morning and talk to Tom to find out more about this opportunity to serve.