February 17th: Wheat and Weeds

What are the weeds in your life?

We want our lives to be beautiful, gracious and abundant.  Sin can muck up our vision for the life we want.  Sin are the weeds that sprout up in our beautiful field of dreams.  What are the weeds scattered among your field?

See y’all Sunday!

Pastor T


Community Meals

How about breakfast? Maybe dinner?  Why not?

We are partnering with the Breakfast Ministry of Covington, Immanuel Methodist Church and others to provide food for those in the community who would otherwise go without a nutritious meal for the day.   Come and eat with the community on Thursday mornings and Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Meals are free and served in our fellowship hall. (Use entrance in the back of the church)

Looking for a place to volunteer and connect with the community?

This is a great way to plug into the heart of Covington! Be the hands of Christ by meeting the needs of the ones who need it the most.  Stop in and ask to speak to a volunteer about where to help.