Current Sermon Series

Christmas is coming.  Are you ready?

Preparing for the holidays is more than decorating the tree, hanging lights, planning meals, or buying all the gifts.  Christmas is not just about waiting for Santa.  We, as Christians, are waiting on the Christ child.  If we are focused too much on all the other stuff, then we come to church on Sunday mornings worried about all the cookies we could be baking.  The holiday season is the time that started when Walmart and Meijer cleared out their gardening center to make way for ornaments and wreaths.  Advent is the season in the church that starts on Sunday, December 1st.  Advent, especially the Sundays in Advent, is the time we prepare our hearts for the birth of Christ.  We have the opportunity to prepare our lives to receive the gift of a Savior and the transformative grace of God with us.  Join us this Advent season for a 3-week series on how to spiritually prepare for our salvation.

Our family-friendly candlelight Christmas Eve service will be Tuesday, December 24th at 7:00 pm.

See y’all Sunday.

Pastor T