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Weekly Newsletter for the Week ending Dec 8, 2019 

Scripture to study for upcoming week: 

November 17:  Mark 6:30-34, 6:53-56

Serving Schedule 

Our Community Dinner Volunteers:

Dec 7: Paul, Sheri, Dottie   Dec 14: Sheila, John                                                                             If you want to help with Community Dinners contact Sheri Jackson

Our Church Service Volunteers:

Dec 8:   Liturgist:  Rev. Sheri Jackson     Diaconate:  Tony & Barb Lee, Janet Unkraut Trays:  Tony Lee     Elders: Steve Rehfuss, Sheila Iott     Donuts:  Wilke     W & W: Hilde Children’s Moment:  Sheri Jackson

Dec 15:   Liturgist:   Marie Lancaster     Diaconate:  Tony & Barb Lee, Janet Unkraut      Trays:  Janet Unkraut     Elders: Jerry Lancaster, Tom Rambo     Donuts:  Staggs               W & W: Sue, Hailey     Children’s Moment:  Sheila Iott


Dec 7                                                                                                                                                          Choir Practice 1pm                                                                                                            Community Dinner 5:30-7:30pm

Dec 8                                                                                                                                               Sunday Night Live      3:30-6pm

Dec 9                                                                                                                                        Panorama Bible Study 4-5pm

Dec 11                                                                                                                                              Fiber Arts at Panorama  3-4pm                                                                                                      Ivy Knoll Bible Study   3-4pm                                                                                                          Ivy Knoll Service 6pm


There will be a congregational meeting on Sunday December 15th following service.


We’re doing 2 Xmas projects this year. We’re able to do so much thanks to your generous cheer. 

The Pampered Purses project is almost complete. 45 purses with goodies to pamper the women at the shelters this Xmas. 

We will soon have the names of 10 children from the John G Carlisle school to do Xmas presents. We will have more details about that Angel Tree soon. 


Panorama Christmas Party will be December 14th.     We need lots of help!  Please let Brenda or Marie know what you can help with and what you are bringing.


When you’re doing your holiday shopping on Amazon this year, you can support First Christian Church while you shop. You can choose First Christian Church Covington Ky as the organization you support by following this link: Then, when you shop, go to and shop as you normally do. First Christian Church will receive gifts from Amazon based on your shopping. If you have any questions, please see Pastor Tracy or visit the church’s FB page for the link.

Poinsettias will be purchased individually this year.  If you bring in a Poinsettia, please let the office know whose memory or whose honor you are wishing to acknowledge.

The Covington Breakfast Mission will be serving breakfasts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday through this winter.  Your help is needed. No need to cook, wash dishes or clean up. Just show up at 7:30 am to 9:00 am to serve food. All you need to do is put food on plates and remind people that Jesus loves them.  If you want to stay and wash dishes, you won’t be turned away 🙂

From Randy:  I am overwhelmed by your beautiful messages of love and appreciation!  Over the years you have become like an extended family.  The warmth and sense of home that I feel at First Christian is something I treasure greatly.                                  Thank you all so much!