About Us

First Christian Church – Covington is many things to many people:  an encouraging family,   a place to be fed,  a place to study and grow in faith, and a place to praise God.
We are a safe place for worship, recovery, and meals.

Early Disciples’ evangelist, Racoon John Smith, first preached and established a community of Disciples in 1827 in Covington, Kentucky.  Born out of the grit of a frontier preacher, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is approaching 200 years of ministry in downtown Covington with the same spirit of survival.  

This congregation has now, not only survived, but thrived through 3 pandemics and a fire that raised most of the block.  This historic congregation finds deeply rooted in their tenacious spirit a commitment to be the heart of Christ in the heart of the city.  Through our mission to welcome wholly, love authentically and share God’s grace abundantly, we provide a safe place to worship, recover, eat and gather for community events.

Check out our Faith Statement to learn what we believe. Then, contact us. We’d love to talk with you no matter where you are on your journey.