Newsletter for December 10, 2021

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We are into the thick of the season of busyness running around shopping for gifts, baking cookies and celebrating with friends and family.  This is your friendly, pastoral reminder to stay connected to the God whom is both present now and will come on Christmas Eve in a new revelatory way.  Remember to take time for devotion to stay centered and take time to rest and recharge.

The Elders and I are monitoring the continuation of the COVID pandemic.  At this time, we do not feel we need to make any changes to our in-sanctuary worship experience.  We have canceled lunch on Sunday following service as it would pose an unnecessary risk.  If you are not feeling well or don’t feel safe coming in person, please join us for worship online.

Please remember that the best ways to stay healthy are to get your vaccines (including your booster), practice social distancing and wear a mask when you’re out in public.  Some other helpful tips would be to take advantage of curbside pick up options for your shopping.  Ask the friends and family you are gathering with about their vaccination status before gathering in groups.  If you’re not feeling well, get tested – Gravity Diagnostics in the old IRS parking lot in Covington offers free drive up tests with same day delivery of results.

Pastor T



This season will be a season of traditions of the church during Advent and Christmas that bring us comfort, inspire wonder and awe and help us look at the past through the gift of nostalgia.

Third Sunday of Advent: 12/12 **SPECIAL GUEST PREACHER**

The Christian Church in Kentucky regional minister Rev. Dr. Don Gillett will join us for worship on Sunday, December 12th.

Fourth Sunday of Advent: 12/19  **The Feast of St. Nicholas**

We will celebrate the legacy of St. Nicholas and may even have a visit from the saint himself, not to be confused with Santa Claus.

Christmas Eve: 12/24 ** Christmas Pageant **

Our children, youth and young adults will record a video pageant to be shared on Christmas Eve with the help of Alex’s editing skills.  



The Leadership Council has called a congregational meeting for Sunday, December 19th following worship.  The meeting will be a hybrid meeting for those who have worshiped in person and a Zoom meeting that will be integrated into the media in the sanctuary.  No matter where you are you will be able to comment, ask questions and vote on presented business.

At this time, the agenda includes the following recommendations from the Leadership Council and Elders: extend the trial period of the Leadership Council for 1 year and extend the 2021 budget for 1 year.  All current leaders are invited to remain in their current roles – no new nominations will be made for the coming calendar year.


In an effort to do some much needed improvements, we are launching the Home Improvement project. There are 2 ways to get involved. 

First, we have $3,800 pledged or received toward our need of $15,000 for the Home Improvement Fund. You can make a gift through the end of the year. You can write in the memo of your check or online gift “Home Improvement.” 

Second, there is a list of home improvement projects that need completed in the sanctuary or one can be emailed to you upon request. You can work on these projects at your convenience. 



Presents due back on 12/12.  Questions? Please call Sue and Steve at (859) 817-1263.


Gift cards may be purchased for: $25 for Walmart, Kroger, Dollar Tree, or Target or $5 – $10 for any fast food restaurants. You can leave your gift cards in the offering tray or mail them to the church. 


We imagine God’s love revealed when Jesus called disciples to follow him and we imagine God’s love revealed when our Region nurtures persons for ministry preparing them for ordination and commissioning. We imagine God’s love revealed when Jesus drew his disciples into retreat And we imagine God’s love revealed when our Region gathers children, youth, and adults in summer camps. We imagine God’s love revealed when the Apostle Paul cared for congregations and helped them find their leaders And we imagine God’s love revealed when our Region provides care for our pastors, encouragement to lay leaders, and support in transitions. We imagine God’s love revealed when the early church found ways to break down racial, political, and economic barriers to form true community And we imagine 

God’s love revealed when our Region assists pastors and congregations to honestly confront racism in our own time. We imagine God’s love revealed when a young couple in Bethlehem, 

overwhelmed by God’s love, gave birth to one in whom they could see God’s face. And we imagine God’s love revealed when we see the face of God in our neighbor, the stranger, and the refugee. We invite you to share your gift to the Christmas offering supporting the ministries of our Region as we continue our witness to God’s love in our midst. You may make a gift to the Christmas offering through your local church, or online at

HELP!!! PANORAMA FOOD PANTRY IS EMPTY!!  We are out of the following foods:  soup,  chili, stew, peas, beans, carrots, spaghetti and sauce, canned ravioli, instant rice mixes, instant potatoes, jars of peanut butter and crackers.  If all the folks in the congregation would bring several food items each week, maybe the shelves would be better stocked.

Thanks for your help.  Sue

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