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Newsletter for November 5, 2021


Post-COVID, we will continue to offer online options for those who choose to engage with the church online for various reasons.  This means that we will continue as a hybrid church offering in-person and online options for worship, faith formation and fellowship.  The Trustees and church decided to invest in this future, because we know that hybrid offerings are the future of the church.

As we learn what it means to be a hybrid faith community, we have the opportunity to transform the ways in which our leaders provide leadership.  At the Elders meeting this week, the Elders decided to affirm the Leadership Council’s action to stay the course for one year, to do the same for the Elders and Deacons and to suggest the same for the Trustees and budget.

As such, no new nominations of Elders and Deacons will be made at this time.  During this coming year, the Elders (all being called to active service) will work to define roles and opportunities for service for Elders and Deacons in a hybrid faith community that gathers at different times in different places.  Next year, when nominations are made, we will be able to better define what it is we are inviting leaders to participate in and offer opportunities to engage in ways that allow leaders to offer their best gifts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marie, Brenda or me.

I will be on vacation November 15th to November 21st.  Pastor Sheri will preach in my absence.  If you have need for pastoral care, please contact Pastor Sheri, Marie or Brenda.

Pastor T



**Please place your contributions in the bins at the back of the sanctuary or contact the office to arrange a pick up from your home.**

Food: For Panorama Food Pantry

Blankets: For Emergency Cold Shelter and Mental Health America outreach to those experiencing homelessness

Recycling: Styrofoam (clean and dry) and election yard signs (see below for more information)


Sat 11/6 Daylight Savings Time LOVE the COV mural painting 12 noon

Sun 11/7 Home Improvement Work day: following service

Sun 11/14 Monthly Prayer meeting 9am Book Club 2pm

Mon 11/15 to Sun 11/22  Pastor Tracy’s vacation

Sun 11/21 Leadership Council 7pm

Tue 11/23 Hanging of the Greens 1pm

Wed 11/24 Faith in Action Together Team 7pm

Tue 12/7 Elders meeting 7pm


The Christian Church in Kentucky regional minister Rev. Dr. Don Gillett will join us for worship on Sunday, December 12th.  He will preach that morning.  We will plan to host a lunch after church.  Stay tuned for more details.



In an effort to do some much needed improvements, we are launching the Home Improvement project.  There are 2 ways to get involved.

First, we need your financial help for our front doors and cooling the 2nd floor.  The new locks have been installed.  We have $3,000 pledged or received toward our need of $15,000.  We are asking for your special gift to this Home Improvement Fund through the end of the year.  You can write in the memo of your check or online gift “Home Improvement.”

Second, there is a list of home improvement projects that need completed in the sanctuary or one can be emailed to you upon request.  We have added the work of cleaning and organizing the garage.  You can work on these projects at your convenience or we will have a “work day” on Sunday November 7th after church.

Want to help keep recyclable items out of the landfill?

The Cincinnati Reuse and Recycle Hub in downtown Cincinnati is amazing! For more info: https://www.cincinnatirecyclingandreusehub.org/  It is almost overwhelming to think about all they accept. So, instead, we’ll focus on recycling one item category at a time.  There will be bins at the back of the sanctuary.

This first item will be Styrofoam.  All styrofoam is accepted, if clean and dry: packaging from boxes, as well as Styrofoam food containers, trays, cleaned and or dried, and the softer wrap style used to package. 

The second item will be Yard Signs.  Election yard sign and all other yard signs.

Planned Giving for 2022

Please contact Pastor Sheri Jackson with your 2022 planned giving.  You can text or email Sheri or complete a card to place in the offering plate.  Please return your cards or contact Sheri in the next week or so.

Come Paint COVStreetMurals!

 All ages are invited to contribute to these Love the Cov street murals! The  first mural installation is happening on Saturday, November 6th near K&J’s Market at 13th & Wheeler (This is at the end of Pastor Tracy’s block.  You can visit Mo Mo on a break). Painting starts at noon!

REMINDER: Thermostats

The thermostats are set to heat the building only when it is anticipated that we will be there.  If you are there and need the heat on, please change the temperature by pressing the up arrow to turn up the temperature to your desired temperature.  DO NOT press hold.  If you press hold, it will remain on until someone manually changes it.  If you do not press hold, it will automatically cycle back to the schedule.


The Arnold House is now on a separate key.  Your master key will work for the glass front door and basement door.  If you think you’ll need a key to the new locks on the Arnold House doors, please contact the office or Pastor Tracy.

New Bathhouse at Wakon’ Da-Ho

Ground has been broken for the construction of a new bathhouse at Camp Wakon’ Da-Ho and we invite you and your congregation to support this important camp improvement project.  Many children, youth and adults will benefit for many years to come.  Please make a donation today.  Include “Wakon’ Da-Ho Improvements” on your check or online donation.  Mail check to CCK, PO Box 910503, Lexington, KY  40591.



Thanksgiving Offering

Received in many congregations on Nov. 14 & 21, 2021

The Thanksgiving Offering benefits the Colleges, Universities, Seminaries, and Divinity Houses affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Higher education has been an important focus for Disciples since the very beginning of the movement. Throughout our history, Disciples have founded institutions of higher learning to educate students and form leaders to make a difference in the world. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is still committed to higher education. Your gift to the Thanksgiving Offering helps support the education of thousands of students at our fifteen colleges and universities as well as our seven seminaries and divinity houses.

The Colleges and Universities of the Christian Church provide quality education through classes offered by some of the nation’s top undergraduate and graduate faculty. Many of the campuses are comprised of state-of-the-art facilities, offer diverse degree programs, include dynamic student life activities, offer exciting athletics programs, and much more. The Thanksgiving offering supports everything from scholarships, to religious life offices, to faculty growth and development. By giving to the Thanksgiving Offering you are helping our institutions invest in students as they prepare themselves to become leaders.

The Thanksgiving Offering also provides scholarship and support for our theological education institutions. Each of our seminaries and divinity houses is committed to educating and forming Christian leaders for church and society. Generations of pastors, community leaders, and agents of social transformation have been educated at our theological institutions. They have flourished and made a difference in the world, thanks to gifts from Disciples congregations and individuals throughout the ages. These institutions continue to prepare leaders for the present age and the age to come.

As we continue to struggle with effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, our higher education institutions are facing unprecedented challenges and they need our support now, more than ever. Even as they work diligently to ensure safe and healthy learning environments, the financial realities faced by many of our schools add additional stress to students, faculty, and staff.

Support for Disciples Mission Fund and gifts to the Thanksgiving Offering are a critical part of the ongoing collaborative work of church and higher education that is such a foundational part of the heritage of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Please give generously to this offering. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of our students and it makes a difference in the world.

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