For 10 years, First Christian Church has participated in ministry at Ivy Knoll.  Prior to COVID, we had more than 20 regular worship attendees at the weekly worship service and 7 volunteers, plus me.  Ivy Knoll has asked us to return to offering weekly worship services for their residents.  Some of our previous volunteers are not able to participate or cannot serve every week.

We need volunteers to save this ministry.  If you’re interested in helping out once a week or once a month, please let me, or Brenda and Sterling Staggs by July 9th.  We need to let Ivy Knoll know whether or not we can continue this ministry.

Pastor T

Thank you from Panorama Residents

First a BIG thank you from the people who live at Panorama for the supply of food given by First Christian Church, Covington, and Panera over the past year. This mission was started during the Pandemic last year by Sue and Steve Rehfuss.  

The pantry is in need of food* for this upcoming week. If you have food you would like to donate you can drop off the food at the church in the pantry room. If you are not sure of the location please call Sue  Steve.  If you wish to donate and cannot make it to church please call the Rehfuss’ by Wednesday of next week (July 7).  

*Please donate food that is simple to prepare. Cans with pop open tops if possible. 

Some suggestions: Instant Oatmeal, Instant Potatoes, Macaroni & Cheese, Crackers, Ramen Noodles, Granola Bars, Knorr Noodles/Rice, Box Cereal, Spaghetti, Canned Pasta, Vienna Sausages, Spam, Beanie Weenie, Stew, Canned Chicken/Tuna/Salmon/Sardines, Soup, Peanut Butter, Package Tuna/Salmon, Velveeta, Spaghetti Sauce, Canned Veggies, Canned Fruit, Fruit Juice, Packaged Dinners, Potato Chips, Little Debbies, Apples, Instant Breakfast, Hot Chocolate, Pork & Beans, Tangerines

Anything else you would like to donate that is easy for the residents to open & prepare.

First Christian In the Know

July Birthdays! Happy birthday all!

** for all Zoom meetings, contact the office for participation info. **


Please join us for Bible study on Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 pm.  There is an optional prayer time at 1:45 pm.


Please join us on Sunday, July 18th at 7pm.  This is an open meeting.

Elder’s Meeting

Please join us on Tuesday, July 27th at 7pm.

You are invited to participate in the 2021 Disciples Virtual Gathering, on Saturday, August 7, 2021! We will gather for lectures, worship, workshops and more!

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Come on and Laugh a Little

Why did the tomato blush?
Because it saw the salad dressing.

What do you call bears with no ears?

What do dentists call X-rays?
Tooth pics.

Did you hear about the first restaurant to open on the moon?
It had great food, but no atmosphere.

Bulletin Blunders

 “Ladies, don’t forget the rummage sale. It is a great chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Don’t forget your husbands.”

“The concert held in the Fellowship Hall was a great success. Special thanks are due to the minister’s daughter, who labored the whole evening at the piano, which as usual fell upon her.”

“It’s Drug Awareness Week: Get involved in drugs before your children do.”

“Great news! Doctors have performed a CAT scan on Pastor McLaren’s head and report that they have found nothing!”

“Please sigh during offering.”

From our very own Pete Pro

A little boy says “Our principal is so stupid.”

The little girl says “Don’t you know who I am?”

The little boy says “No.”

The little girl says “I’m his daughter.”

The little boy says “Do you know who I am?”

The little girl says “No.”

The little boy says “Good, and quickly walks away.”

Three vampires walked into a bar and two asked for pints of blood. The third said “I’ll have a pint of plasma”.  The bartender says “So that will be two bloods and a blood light.”

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