Newsletter for June 4, 2021


Post-Covid Community Building

Church leaders count among the most important things about post-Covid church is building community. I have some ideas that will help foster fellowship for our church that I hope will help get us reconnected and foster new relationships (hopefully including those new friends we made last weekend at NKy Pride).

All Church Picnic

I’d like some help planning an all-church picnic for September. This could be outside at a park like Randolph Park (has grills, good parking, easily accessible, big yard for kids to play and bathrooms) on the Eastside or at someone’s home. This could also include an outdoor worship service, perhaps Randy could play the accordion and we could have Table Talk style worship like we did in the Fellowship Hall 2 summers ago.

Fem Fellowship

I’d like to plan an intergenerational gathering of our girls and gals for August.  A bit of a women’s retreat for our church that includes all those who identify as females of all ages.  This could include a meal, a service project, a craft project, an optional after party, meeting at a home, park or the church, the possibilities are endless.  Most important will be making sure that those who are often not able to get to church will get transportation to this event.  Would you like to help with the planning?  If so, contact Pastor T or the office.

Ya Yas at the Y’alls

The Young Adults have an outing planned for the Florence Y’alls game on Friday, June 18 th . We have a private box for the game so that we can hang out as a group and our the group will be announced during the game. We still have space for 5 more young adults/youth. Please let me know if you’d like to go or if you know someone who’d like to go. Tickets are $26 / adult.

If you’re interested in any of these events or helping organize, please let me know.

If you have other fellowship ideas, please let me know. I’d love your ideas and help.

Pastor T

Kentucky Disciples Women Online GatheringKentucky Disciples Women Online Gathering

Jun 19 @ 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM “GRACE”

The Disciples Women of Kentucky will be an online conference.  We will meet in the conference room and watch the Conference on the big TV.  Bring some snacks and we’ll have lots of fun.  The day will include worship, communion, offering, and two breakout workshops. Maryilyn Williams from North Carolina will join us as the preacher for the day.


If you are interested in having a look at the new equipment, Alex Gallenstein is willing to give you a tour.  If you’re interested in learning how to run the new equipment and join a team of volunteers to serve in a rotation, Alex is willing to train you.  Contact Alex if you’d like to learn more.

** for all Zoom meetings, contact the office for paticipation info.  **


Please join us for Bible study on Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 pm. There is an optional prayer time at 1:45p.


Our next book club is June 13th at 1p. 


The next Leadership Council meeting will be Sunday, June 20th at 7:00p.


The next Elder’s Meeting will be Sunday, June 27th at 5:00p.

Father’s Day Undie Sundie (Sunday)

We will be doing Undie Sundie to collect underwear for men and boys who are in the Welcome House shelter.  Please bring your donations to church and put them in the bin marked “Undie Sundie”, or, you can drop them off at the office on Wednesdays and/or Fridays.  Please let Lori know via email if you plan to bring your donation to the office.  If you buy them on Amazon, you can even help our church at the same time!  Thanks for all you do for others in our community and beyond.

First Christian Church has been issued a $11.73 donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation as a result of AmazonSmile program activity between January 1 and March 31, 2021.

You can put First Christian Church of Covington as the beneficiary of AmazonSmile Foundation whenever you shop online at Amazon.  Free money for us!

May Leadership Council Meeting Minutes

AV Project

Alex Gallenstein said we have installed the equipment, but some tweaks need to be made.  Richard Addison offered to cover AV during Alex’s vacation.  Alex is offering training sessions so others can help.  Some people with hearing aids had trouble hearing the sermon.  Scott Farkas has 4 headsets for them to use.


Lori Davenport, Alex Gallenstein, and Rev Tracy Siegman will meet with Cintas on Friday.  They will reschedule for this week.  Also need a physician’s order to get the AED.  We need physician to oversee AED.

The Red Cross does AED Certification.  We can partner with the NKY Health Department for Narcan training.

Sterling Staggs made a motion to table until next month.

Free Fridge

Rev. Tracy Siegman spoke with the pastor at Trinity.  She will talk to him about donating food.

NK Pride Shirts

We have a grant to buy the congregation T shirts to offset the cost of the shirts.  $100 for the banner and $650 for T-shirts.  Vendor Hedgehog $23 to $25 per shirt with heat transfer.

Silk screen takes a long time.  Lori Davenport found a vendor that we could use to do the silk screen.  DIY Printing is the name.  Lori’s nephew is working at DIY and can help Lori with the shirts.  

We need 50 to 75 shirts.

Richard Addison recommended Hedgehog, everyone was in agreement.

Little Library

It is up and there are books coming in.

New Business

Martin Warne would like to start a fitness class using Fellowship Hall on Saturday mornings.  He is certified.  He will carry the insurance.  Church members could join for free, others would be charged $5.  We would ask $40 in rental.

Gempath, a recovery group under the umbrella of Gempath, will start a new support group at church in July.  We would ask $40 in rental, they are asking for Wednesdays.  They could use upstairs in Arnold House or the donut room, or the mens SS room.  Everyone was in favor and the motion carried.

Pastoral Evaluation

Scott Farkas will resend this along with the job description.  Sterling will choose one person from each group to evaluate the Pastor.

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