Newsletter for March 5, 2021


  1. VIDEO MINISTRY: You received either an email or a letter about a proposed project to upgrade our audio / visual equipment to continue our video ministry.  If you agree with the project and affirm the work, you don’t need to do anything.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact me, Alex Gallenstein or Paul Jackson by Friday, March 12.
  2. DONATIONS:  Last week, I cleaned out some closets at the church and found lots of things we had collected that needed to be delivered to our partners.  I took coffee and hot chocolate to the Emergency Shelter.  Welcome House received diapers, wipes, adult Depends and cleaning products.  I took some feminine care products to the Pink Link Project for Covington Partners.  We received a thank you letter from Covington Partners that includes more information about the project – please see attached.  Thank you to all who have donated items to the church.
  3. THRIVING CONGREGATIONS: We are participating in the Thriving Congregations program through Lexington Theological Seminary.  Attached is an update by the program director, Rev. Erin Cash.

My new number is (859) 638-6381.

Pastor T


If you have not yet made your CWF offering, please mail your contribution to Char Bowling soon.  Our offering is due to the region soon.


The next meeting of the Leadership Council will be Sunday, March 21 at 1 pm.  This is an open meeting.

If you want to join this meeting, please contact the office for information.


When:  March 7th at 1:00 pm What Book: Lost Mountain by Eric Reece

If you want to join this meeting, please contact the office for information.


The restroom has arrived.  We are collecting your ideas for names for the ministry 

and the restroom.  Please email, call or text Pastor Tracy with your ideas.  Stay tuned for information about a blessing, virtual open house and a media campaign to get the word out about this new venture.


The Elders are invited to meet on Sunday, February 28th at noon.

If you want to join this meeting, please contact the office for information.


We have one final session of the Spiritual Gifts study.  If you’re interested in joining us next week, please let me know as there may be a schedule change.  We will be studying what the New Testament letters say about spiritual gifts and reviewing our spiritual gifts inventory.  You can find one to do online at:

Spiritual Gifts Survey – Take the Survey


Please join us for Bible study on Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 pm.  There is an optional prayer time at 1:45 pm.

If you want to join this meeting, please contact the office for information.

The Easter Offering, received by most congregations on March 28 and April 4, 2021, supports several of the general ministries of the Christian Church. Your gift supports college students in leadership development programs, global mission partners, health and social service ministries, the formation of new congregations, support for pastors and chaplains, and so much more. 

Please send your gift to church with a notation that it is for the Easter Special Offering.

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