Healthy At Church…not quite yet

Many Kentuckians are eager to get out of their homes, to return to the way things were. We want to go back to work. We want to go to restaurants to eat with our families. We want to get our hair and nails done. We want to go to the gym and the mall. But, not all of us.

Many still fear getting sick or getting others sick. Many are still staying home unless they’re getting essentials. We’re wearing masks and practicing social distancing to protect ourselves and others. But, that doesn’t seem enough protection to make us feel at ease going back to life as we knew it.

The Elders of the church reached out to our members to gauge their comfort level with resuming in-person worship. Many churches are returning in May or June. The Elders deliberated and decided it was too soon for us to return. We have many people considered vulnerable because of age or chronic illness. We feel it is most compassionate to wait to return and not risk the health of our fellowship. The Elders will revisit this topic at their June meeting.

In the meantime, many are enjoying our online worship experience. I hope you will avail yourself of the opportunity to worship with us. Please use the Online Worship Resources tab on the banner on the main page to access this week’s worship service.

God be with you until we meet again,
Pastor T