July 15th: I Must Confess…

Let’s face it.

Nothing brings us to a place of facing who we really are and taking responsibility for our actions like confession.  Criminals face this upon arrest.  Kids discover the discomfort when caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar.  And often times, you and I are exposed by the work of the Holy Spirit through hearing or reading God’s Word.

I remember the times that I was ‘called out’ for something I did as a child.  And I must confess, as an adult, too, where  I had to take responsibility for a miss-deed.  My heart would race, I was flushed with shame and feared the consequence of my action.  Nonetheless, there was a sense of cleansing when the confession came forth, my actions were exposed, explained, and usually poorly justified.

I am still this way today, especially in my relationship with God the Father.  As His child, my heart sinks at the thought of disappointing Him by my recurring failure.  The great thing about God is He’s seen it ALL!  There is nothing I could ever confess that will make Him Love me less.  His grace is sufficient.  It’s our nature to forget God’s boundless grace and love.  But let me remind you that He loves you no matter what!

I hope you’ll make plans to come join us this Sunday at 10:45 am as we look at the place ‘confession’ has in our everyday lives and worship!

You are welcome here!


Rev. Mike Horn
Worship Minister