Worship Series: Family Traditions

There are two ways that you can join a family.
1) You are born into it.
2) You are adopted by it.

Think about these two ways. The first way you join a family is by birth. You do not get to choose who your family will be. You get who you get. It is your family by the sheer coincidence of coming into it. The second way to join a family is by adoption. It occurs when a family has looked at you, spent time with you, and has come to the conclusion that you are worthy of being in the family.

Do you know that Christmas is the celebration of joining God’s family?

The birth of Jesus is God being born to us, the human race, the world. It does not happen by chance. It is God’s choice to be with us. And when Jesus is born, God becomes a person. God takes on the challenges and the celebrations of being a human being. With Jesus’ birth, God experiences

the hug of a friend,
the death of a pet,
the pain of stubbing a toe,
the fear of hunger,
the joy of swimming,
the sting of embarrassment.

God joins our family. God becomes a human being with the birth of Jesus. It is the moment in time when the divide dissolves between the Divine and the Secular. God becomes a human and dwells among us. And we become part of God’s family and dwell with God.

The story of Christmas is not over! Over the next few weeks we will explore what it means to be in God’s family and to have God in our lives. We will look at some of the family traditions. We will review the family business. And the whole time, we will give glory to God who does not receive us from afar but comes to us so that we may draw closer to God.